Oh, this whole world keeps spinning 'round. It's a wonder tall trees ain't layin' down. There comes a time, comes a time.
Neil Young

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Goats and Their Love of Corn

We keep our corn in this old mini-van. It's snow and wind proof. And no predator that I've heard of can lift that door! I can barely lift it, it's so heavy!
 We also apparently keep our goats there. They would love to live with the corn bag. They will do anything to get more corn.
 You push one away, two more takes its place. Like with a Hydra. But not really. Because they are goats. Not Hydra. You get it.
And could that be? A... gasp... baby bump??? Or is Gold just fat?
Gold: I heard that!

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Pricilla said...

I feel we goats should have drivers' licenses. One more step towards ruling the world.