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Neil Young

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blanco's Comb and Tomato's Feet

This is a normal chicken comb.
 This is a frost bitten chicken comb. Chickens get frost bite easily on their combs, feet and wattles.
This is Tomato. Her feet got frost bitten 2 years ago.
Her feet look like this. It doesn't cause her difficulty at all. She just use her wings for balance more then a normal chicken. Tomato is our nicest chicken here on the farm, she loves to be pet and cuddled. If someone ever says that chickens are just birds, refer them to Tomato!
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Anonymous said...

Such a shame about the frostbite. It does happen so easily though~Naughty Rooster Boy's comb and feet got frostbite two years ago when it was horribly cold.

angela said...

such beautiful chickens! we'll be getting our first backyard flock this year. how do you keep them from getting frostbite?