Oh, this whole world keeps spinning 'round. It's a wonder tall trees ain't layin' down. There comes a time, comes a time.
Neil Young

Monday, January 2, 2012

First of the Month

Jan at Murrieta 365 hosts a wonderful linky call First of the Month. I am participating with the stream in my woods. A permanent fixture in the landscape of my woods. Over the course of this blog, I've posted a few pictures of  the stream. 
Thanks to Picasa 3 for helping me make my collage super easily!

I look forward to sharing my pictures with everyone on the first of every month! (I do realize that today is the second, but I was busy yesterday!) I will also be posting more often on my blog! I'll be a better person!


Anonymous said...

What a great subject! I'm jealous~I've never figured out how to do those neat collages. I might have to see if I can figure it out on Picasa.

Millie said...

I would really like to munch on that green grass!

Pricilla said...

I'm with Millie....