Oh, this whole world keeps spinning 'round. It's a wonder tall trees ain't layin' down. There comes a time, comes a time.
Neil Young

Monday, February 27, 2012

Gold is Next!

Gold has lost her ligaments! Went out to check on (and cuddle) Uhura's babies. They were OK, nursing and trying to bounce around, it was really cute! Went to check on Gold, and WA-LA! No ligaments. I'm hoping for another smooth and easy delivery. Fingers crossed for more girls! Sorry for no more pictures.... I used up all my battery charge on my camera yesterday. Don't worry, it's charging now..=)


Kerri said...

I hope for another smooth delivery, too.


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Wishing Maa-maa the BEST! :)

Millie said...

I hope things go smoothly for her.