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Neil Young

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gold's Milk Production

Gold has stopped producing milk. We don't know why, but the last few days have been full of baby goats in the house. They try and try to nurse, but Gold has nothing to give and after a few minutes of fruitless efforts, she jumps away from them. When we try to milk her, she doesn't have anything. Trying to teach Aspen and Willow to take a bottle has proven VERY difficult. Force the mouth open, insert bottle and try to get milk into their mouths. Yesterday, Aspen was taking it better. Now she stopped and today Willow took it better. Sheesh, gimme a break! Just take the bottle, it's not even formula! It's good goat milk from Uhura. Her babies were only nursing from one side and when they tried to nurse on the other side, they aimed to high and didn't get anything, so they went back to the other teat and drank there. So, I milked her out on the engorged side and now they nurse both. But I got almost 12 ounces from one side, that's a lot! But very useful. Thank you, Uhura!
You deserve a treat.


Anonymous said...

So sorry. Usually not producing milk is needing more to eat. I swear I'm giving my three moms about twice what the ones that aren't milking get. It can also be mastitis. Is the udder hard? Is it warm? Hope you get the kids to take a bottle. They can be very stubborn about it if they aren't on a bottle from the very start. I'm lucky my three boys are really good.

Bessie M. said...

Goodness! I hope everything is OK with Gold, and that the kiddos realize that the bottle is their friend and not their enemy! ;) Good luck!