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Neil Young

Thursday, April 26, 2012


We have 2 healthy ducklings. One is in the pocket of my hoodie as I type. We have had three others besides the two healthy ones hatch or begin to hatch. During the incubation process, my sister forget to put water in for humidity and by forgetting that, the shells or very hard and the ducklings can't get out very easily. Granted, it's not supposed to be easy for them, they have to build strength to be healthy for life outside the egg. But it is so tough for them, that even the first crack in the shell completely exhausts them so much they are physically incapable of getting all the way out. And it doesn't help that they started 5-6 days early. In some of the ducklings cases, the yolks haven't absorbed fully into their stomachs and when we help them out, they have a stream of egg white and mucus hanging from where the yolk goes in. Also, all three of the ones that didn't make it or won't make it, were Black Swedish. Black Swedish are almost exactly the same as Blue Swedish, the only difference being a subtle change in the gene coding. The Black ducklings have the yolk out and in two cases, legs splayed to the sides instead of down, like usual. We don't know if that has something related to the Black Swedish gene, but we are guessing  it does. We still have 9 eggs to hatch and we are REALLY hoping more of them are healthy.

The duckling pooped in my pocket.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that most of them aren't going to make it. I could never get any of my white peafowl to live (or anyone else). We finally decided that they most be inbred and not very strong. That can happen in small flocks.